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Passionate music educator experienced in event management, leadership, and fostering equitable opportunities in the arts. Skilled in project coordination, event planning, and creating inclusive experiences for diverse audiences.


I’m a passionate educator with 15+ years of experience in educational programming and project management. My goal is to make a positive impact in the education and arts sectors. I’ve presented at state-level conferences and led professional development trainings at school and county events. I excel when I have multiple events going on, and I thoroughly enjoy focusing on the details. Right now, I’m proud of boosting participation and retention rates for our headline annual event by over 150% – all while keeping things on track. Solving problems, working with diverse groups, and bringing about positive change are what I love to do. My leadership style mixes public relations know-how with educational experience, making communication a top priority. I’m inspired to be part of creating awesome opportunities and making a real difference for kids everywhere!

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